Fuji Q5 Platinum Assessment
Posted on: February 6, 2019, by : Michael

Fuji Q5 Platinum is definitely the finest HVLP paint sprayer from Fuji. It’s 5 supporter turbine generates nine.five PSI pressure achieving fantastic atomization for an outstanding ending. The additional pressure permits you to use viscous paint with less thinning.

3 Design of Fuji Q Platinum Sequence

The Q Platinum collection gives three styles of the sprayer program: Q5, Q4 and Q3, the selection corresponds for the amount enthusiasts the turbine has.

What’s Various

The Fuji Q5 Platinum Review is the leading of the line sprayer process from Fuji. Another two designs are This fall and Q3. When almost all of the options of your three products are very comparable, you can find a handful of distinctions.
Pace Regulate Dial

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The Q5 technique arrives by using a variable velocity handle dial. It allows you to modify the PSI (strain) by altering the motor speed, for ideal adjustment necessary to perfectly atomize your coating for the end you need. This is often realized even though lessening the overspray to an complete minimum amount.
What’s three Phase, 4 Stage, and 5 Phase Motor

The 5 phase motor of the Q5 model generates nine.five PSI for finer atomization and increased finish. The Q4 model provides 9 PSI and Q3 produces six.5 PSI of strain. The more tension (PSI) you may have the a lot less it’s important to thin out your product or service. The upper the tension the greater viscous supplies is usually sprayed with it.

Note: Systems with lower than 10 PSI force are regarded as HVLP (Large Quantity Minimal Strain) program.

The selection ‘5’ during the title ‘Fuji Q5 Platinum’ means the amount of admirers the sprayer process motor has. So Q3 has 3 motor enthusiasts and also the This autumn has four. A system with far more fans expenditures far more. In addition to the value tag, exactly what does additional enthusiast signify to you?

Initial off, extra admirers indicate extra pressure, as stated before. The three stage motor spins a lot quicker in comparison to the 4 phase motor and also the four stage motor spins quicker than five phase etc. A lot quicker spinning means a lot more use and tear meaning extra breakdowns and much more expense for routine maintenance. What’s more, it signifies much more downtime and likely company reduction – lack of earnings.

Force Score

Far more enthusiasts develop far more force and also the pace at which you paint. The Q3 provides 6 PSI, This autumn generates nine PSI along with the Q5 nine.5 PSI. At larger PSI the paint is atomized finer for just a far more experienced end.
Typical Characteristics

Moreover the above-mentioned differences, you will discover a number of frequent characteristics from the Q Platinum collection. The ‘Platinum’ usually means it is the greatest item in this category of paint sprayer technique from Fuji.

Q Stands for Tranquil

The Q-Series’ PLATINUM Turbines use the patented Fuji sounds reduction process. Surrounding the turbine motor with soundproof foam would overheat the turbine. The Computer-Designed Airflow Configurations process controls and directs the airflow in and about the turbine. This eliminates the ‘Direct Sound Path’ discovered on low to mid-priced HVLP Turbine Units offered right now. Much more than 50% from the noise level is minimized utilizing this technological know-how. In reality, the hissing sounds of the spray gun is much more obvious as opposed to turbine if the system is operating.

The seem degree with the Q5 Platinum turbine is just sixty three dba at 15ft absent from your turbine. In comparison, a normal conversion at 3-5ft is 60 dba.