What Are Giveaways And Who Do They Benefit?
Posted on: July 1, 2020, by : Michael


What are Giveaways? Digital Product owners join together in a JV partnership and giveaway their products free.

Why do they do that? Because the person who is looking for free products must sign up to the newsletter of the product owner,at least for a time in order to obtain this gift.

This is a two way love affair. The one side gets a free down loadable digital gift and the other side gets a new subscriber to his newsletter, and hopes this subscriber then becomes a customer in the long run.

Giveaway items have become very popular as there are always new internet marketers who are always looking for free digital items to learn from, or use, and sell. Many of the giveaway items have Resale Rights, or Master Resale Rights that allow the newbies, or new internet marketers, to resell these items. Often the offer comes with a web site, graphics, squeeze pages, and bonus gifts to make the sign up even more attractive.

Many of the Giveaway gifts also come with Private Label Rights as well. This means that often the person who gets this gift can repackage it, rename it, change the graphics, and often time label it as their own product. Before a sponsor begins to market these products they should be very careful to peruse the Rights License they got with their product gift. Since there are many contributors, who have passed on purchases of their own, or products they created, are involved, there seems to be a different Rights License with every package.

Sometime only 10 people may sponsor a Giveaway jointly, and sometimes there are hundreds of Sponsors in a very large Giveaway.

Giveaways can last for as little as 5 days, and for as long as a month, or a year even. Usually, they run for seven to ten days, and focus around special calendar events like Christmas, Easter, Valentines day, or just anytime anyone wants to set one up.

Preparation time can be quite extensive hosting a Giveaway, which requires capable software and bandwidth so the site does not go down during the event. As well the Host Sponsor of the Giveaway provides a lot of advertising at the start to get interested persons who will contribute. As well, the Host Sponsor can charge a small fee or not for entrants, but usually the ones who pay the small fee can promote more gifts, and special offers which bring in quick cash to the Sponsors, both the Host Sponsor and the JV partners.

Sometimes Special Offers are split between the JV partner and the host, and these terms can be different from giveaway to giveaway..

Giveaways can be very lucrative to a Host Sponsor, and the JV partners as well. Benefits of a giveaway can be reaped for a long time as some people get hundreds, or even thousands of subscribers to their newsletter. These subscribers may cancel out of the subscriptions at anytime, but, if the enjoy the information and products they get from them, they to can remain subscribed for years.

Giveaways kind of level the playing field for new entrants into the Internet Marketing arena. They can give one gift for starts, and prepare a special offer, and set up an autoresponder system to collect prospects for their list. Each time they enter a Giveaway, their name, face, and their products get known. They can easily brand their name by uploading a picture of themselves at the giveaways, and be generous in their giving.

Yes, even with all the community sites there are like Facebook and Twitter, etc. I find that Giveaways put a more personalized touch to Internet Marketing. Subscribers can begin to feel they know the person they are dealing with, and the JV partners often get feedback from their subscribers and get to know them on a personal level. I do believe Giveaways will be around for a long time.